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Last Tuesday we were fortunate enough to have designer Matthew Rezac as our guest speaker. He is originally from South Dakota and moved to Minneapolis in 1998 to go to MCAD. He graduated with a BFA in Photography and after pursuing a career in freelance photography, realized he hated it. He went back to MCAD for more graphic design courses. After graduating again, he worked at MCAD where he did some design work for some non-profit organizations as well as helped rebrand the school. He also worked for two years at the Walker Art Center with their fellowship program. He now is a freelance graphic designer. He works on smaller projects for gallery openings, catalogs, web-based projects and also some identity and branding projects.

“The extent to which you have a design style is the extent to which you have not solved the problem” Charles Eames

He likes this quote and lives by it because he says he doesn’t have a certain design style but claims to have a “design approach” instead because each project is unique and requires something different.

He walked us through three of his favorite projects which include NorthernSpark, Blu Dot’s Annual Catalog, and a book entitled, “Riley and His Story, Me and my Outrage, You and Us.”

NothernStark is an overnight/all night art festival put on by Northern Lights. This was a new event happening in Minnesota so they needed a logo, branding/identity and a web site, t-shirts for volunteers, flags for around the city marking the sites, along with some other printed materials. Check out the site for this year’s event here: http://2012.northernspark.org/       –http://www.matthewrezac.org/northern_spark

He also worked on Blu Dot‘s annual catalog for a few years. He brought the idea of allowing people in the photos of the furniture…which not a lot of other companies were doing. He got a photographer that was originally from Minneapolis to do the photo shoots but they had a really low budget. They used connections to get all of their models and locations. The product was a bunch of random and funny photos. It was a hit and they were asked to do it again for a number of years after.     –http://www.matthewrezac.org/blu_dot_catalog_2009

Last, he walked us through a project that he did with his friend Monica and her friend Riley. Riley was a nurse during the first part of the war in Iraq for a few years. When he returned, he realized that he had over 2,000 photos that he had no memory of taking. The project consisted of sorting through these photos and including Riley’s words, and some of his stories from his time over seas.   –http://www.matthewrezac.org/riley_and_his_story

See more about these projects and many others at Matt’s website.

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