Recap – ITR Mobility

On Tuesday we got to hear advice from Gary Keeler and Nate Eul, both recent graduates from Stout! Both are designers at ITR Mobility, a company who designs and implements apps. ITR consists of about 50 people, 5 being designers who have all graduated from Stout!

Advice on what to expect for the transition from college to professional:

  • The pace: faster, time-bound, multiple deadlines
  • The quality: projects go from thought to polished, a client doesn’t want to see half done ideas
  • The presentation: distinct style, confident, MAKE AN IMPRESSION.

Advice on interviewing:

  • Be prepared: know what you are talking about, be on time
  • Attention to detail: don’t put projects in just as filler, be confident in the ones you show
  • Be hungry: PASSION, its where its at.
  • Quiet Confidence: not cocky, but confident.

Dont worry too much about: grades, cover letters, starting pay, finding the perfect job

* You have to weigh the importance of the experience versus the monetary value.

speaking of pay, here are some example pay grades:

  • intern: $14/hr
  • junior: $35,000 salary
  • and $60,000 salary


Thank You Gary and Nate for sharing your insight!

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