Font & File Organization

Last meeting we talked about font and file organization and board members went through a few of their preferred methods to keeping their computers organized and making sure files are archived in an effective manner.

Ashley talked about saving inspiration and showed us how to export (and later import) your bookmarks which is useful if you’re due for a laptop refresh or just to have a list saved incase your computer crashes. She also discussed using session manager to save all of your tabs for a specific project.

Next we talked about fonts and font organization. Many people use Font Book as a resource for organizing files because you can search for fonts you’ve downloaded and it is an easy way to activate/deactivate fonts to keep your computer running quickly. Fontsquirrel.com is a good resource for downloading fonts because they are all free to use. We also talked about www.wordmark.it as a way to search through your fonts if you have something specific in mind.

A method most of us use to organize our files is to create a folder for each class and then folders within that for each specific project. In the project folder we keep inspiration, working files, finals, etc. It is always better to keep too many files than not enough. Keep “saving as” so that you have copies in case something goes wrong with one. Also converting your fonts to outlines is a good idea incase you loose the font that you used on a project when transferring to another computer, etc. but also keep a copy of the text that isn’t converted to outlines off of the artboard so that you can easily make changes, if necessary. Using the “places” section within Finder is really helpful for quickly accessing current projects.

When backing up color coding is a good idea to keep everything organized and easy to find. Archive your school things by semester and year, class, project, etc. Also back up itunes, photos, and keep freelance work separate from school so that it’s easier to find, and all in one place. It is especially important to make sure these freelance files are backed up so that you don’t end up looking unprofessional in front of a client if something goes wrong. It’s also a good idea to save these files in multiple places.

There are a few resources that are really great for backing up files online. This is a great way to make sure that your files can be found in at least ONE place if something were to happen to your computer. As students, we have access to the Blue Drive. Dropbox is another great option and is really easy to use.

This is just a brief overview of the meeting last week so if you have questions about specific things feel free to ask a board member!


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