Executive Board Elections

Hello everyone!
The year is drawing to a close quickly, which means it’s time to elect new officers! Yay!

The following are the descriptions of the positions:

President: The president mainly runs meetings, and assists in planning the semester out along with the other officers. You will act as an AIGA rep and be responsible for informing chapter members on activities and maintaining communication. To run for president, you must have served on the AIGA officer board for at least ONE academic year OR a paid, active member for the past year. You also must be junior or senior status by next Fall (aka current sophomores).

Vice President: When the president is absent, VP shall step in, in addition to assisting the president and other board members in their duties. This can include communicating with professionals, attending meetings, and meeting with other student groups. Must be easy to communicate with, and be willing to advise their fellow board members. (MUST have at least one year left after they are elected, aka no seniors/super seniors)

Secretary: Keeps minutes of all the meetings, email members about events and keep an up to date record on members and contact information (ideal for sophomores who wish to get their foot in the door).

Treasurer: Responsible for collection of dues, handling accounts, and organizational funds. Also acts as head of budget proposals.

Graphic Design Director: Rep of the graphic design students of Stout by voicing interests of fellow GD students to the Stout officers, and even the MN officers. Helps with planning and organzation of GD related events and meetings. Very important aspect of the org. (Req’d to be a GD major)

Multimedia Director: Rep of the multimedia design students of Stout by voicing interests of fellow MM students to the Stout officers, and even the MN officers. Helps with planning and organzation of MM related events and meetings. Very important aspect of the org. Assists in blog maintenance. (Req’d to be a MM major, recommended to be in Siggraph)

Marketing Director: Responsible for the advertising of meetings and events, as well as AIGA as a whole. Works closely with GD and MM directors and assists in maintaining the blog. Must be willing to design posters if no one else wishes to make them, and able to update the blog frequently.

So, that’s all. You can run for as many positions as you like, but you can only serve in one. I believe I, Ashley, ran for most of them last year. Serving on the board is an incredibly rewarding experience and it’s one I will never forget. Oh, and also… it’s mentioned that secretary is a sophomore status position. All positions are open to next fall sophomores (with the exception of President), in fact many of the past VPs have been sophomores!

The wording of the positions sounds EXTREMELY terrifying, but just know that your other board members are there to help you. Most of us will still be around next fall, and able to help out for the first few weeks so you’re not left hanging!

Even within your officer group you’ll be supported… I can’t remember a single time this year where if one of us reached out with a concern or a question that it went unanswered for more than a few hours. What if you only attended a handful of meetings this year? That’s fine. When I was a freshman, and I attended I believe three meetings… running for and serving as VP was the kick I needed to get me into high gear in AIGA (and it led to my being president this year!). Seriously, being on the board has been a great experience. Below, I’m listing the contact information for all of the officers, and their positions so if you’re questioning running for a position feel free to contact them via email or facebook or in the hallway! We’re all friendly :]

President: Ashley Hohnstein (ashley.hohnstein@gmail.com)
Vice President: Heather Christianson (ashley.hohnstein@gmail.com)
Secretary: Krisa Farrell (farrellk@my.uwstout.edu)
Treasurer: Sam Mancl (mancls@my.uwstout.edu)
GD Director: Theresa Ptak (ptakt@my.uwstout.edu)
MM Director: Micheal Calaraco (calarcom@my.uwstout.edu)
Marketing Director: Toni Hall (hallto@my.uwstout.edu

If you’d like to run, please send your name and position(s) you’re applying for to : aiga@uwstout.edu

Be prepared to introduce yourself to the group, and just a simple statement as to why you want the position. All positions are OFFICIALLY OPEN. If one of us officers wants the same position as last year, we have to re-run as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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