Dana Christoperson – Marketing/Multimedia Director

Dana Christopherson, Mmm Director!

Hi all! I am your 2013-2014 Marketing/Multimedia Director. I am a third year student in the graphic design program. I love typography and am obsessed with hand lettering (currently working on doing 365 days of hand-lettering). I use to travel a lot in high school all around the states, for competitions or mission trips. I love New Orleans, I’ve been there three times. I go on long pinning sprees, often to procrastinate. I sell beer to rich old golfers during the summers. And this past summer I was an intern at a small marketing firm in Milwaukee. I am a dog lover, but have sadly never owned one. Terrified of heights, but was a gymnast for 16 years and a pole-vaulter for three years. My hometown is Waukesha, WI, which is right outside of Milwaukee. I am always at Summerfest, Brewer Games, and many other festivals held around the area

If there is anything you need, or any questions you have, feel free to contact me! I am looking forward to being a part of your AIGA experience this year!

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