Cody Hartleben // Graphic Design Director

Hello my name is — Cody Hartleben – That’s /hɑː(r)t/ lay/ben/ in case you were wondering. I am the Graphic Design Director for the year and I hail from the small town of Wittenberg, which is smack dab in the *middle of Wisconsin. (*Points to the middle on back side of hand). I am in my 5th year of school here at stout pursuing a degree in Graphic Design with a design concentration, but my interest also lie very much so, in the interactive world.. I enjoy bikes of all kinds, motorcycles, coffee, my handsome basset hound Ody and traveling. I love good conversation and am willing to talk about anything interesting with anyone and everyone. If you have any questions about the year or about anything at all, please don’t hesitate to ask! Likewise if you have any contacts or ideas for the semester, talk to me, we have really useful resources on campus that we can tap into, to make it happen! Hope everyone has a great year and I will look forwards to seeing you all at the meetings— we have some really great things planned for the year!

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