Chalsey Falk – President

Chalsey Falk, your president!

As the 2013-14 AIGA student pres, I will be running and managing all of the awesome meetings that we have in store for you! A little bit about myself… I am in my third year here at Stout with a GD: Interactive Concentration and a minor in Spanish. My strongest desires and niches lie with photography and illustration.

Last semester I studied in Spain and traveled Europe for six months. IT WAS AWESOME, so if you have any questions about study abroad, ASK! Heather, Kat, and I have all took advantage of different Stout programs. I am an avid promoter, so I’m sure you will hear about it! Along with my travelling bug, I enjoy biking and experimenting with new cuisine.

From: Fargo-Moorhead (MN/ND border), Work: UW-Athletics, Siblings: 2, Pets: 3 + Allegra (Kat’s dog), Interned: Photo editor and design intern at Haney’s Photography, Traveled out of US: Costa Rica, Morocco, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Czech, Hungary, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, and England (13 countries, 4 continents) and I plan on more next summer hopefully!

This year I really want to push collaboration. I am really excited to get everyone engaged and make the most of our time as a student club on campus. Hopefully we do our job to inform and entertain this year! Looking forward to getting to know a lot of awesome new creatives!

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