Speaker Recap | Kayd Roy

On March 6, 2012 we had the great pleasure of hosting Stout Alumni Kayd Roy as she shared with us her experience and advice on portfolios, freelancing, interviewing, and self-promotion.

Kayd has a wide variety of professional experience and currently works at Target Corporation in Minneapolis in the Product Design and Development department.

Her advice on portfolios:

  • either 8-10 of your best pieces OR 4-6 completely blown out projects
  • (completely blown out projects might include 20 or so applications such as poster, facebook, flyer, a bus, etc)
  • Revise, recreate and finalize past projects so that they are up to your standards
  • Expand current projects
  • Show your process (within moderation) companies want to know how you think
  • Add in your other skills (drawing, photography, illustration, writing, web design–incorporate in your projects! highlight your strengths and modify your projects to do so!)
  • Don’t put all of your best work online–you want to have new and exciting things to show during an interview
  • (Check out Studio MPLS‘s blog to see how they show their process)
  • Your portfolio could be arranged in this order (in rank of your project’s effectiveness) 1, 4, 6, 8, 3, 5, 7, 2
  • Keep it simple–let your work speak for itself
  • Have a SHORT summary of your projects–talk about school projects as if they aren’t ficticious
  • Have large, PROFESSIONAL-looking photos

Getting an Interview:

  • Ask for an informational interview:  I really like your work, I’m a student in my ___ year. I would like to meet up and hear about your company and possibly talk about my work after. Would you be able to meet up _______?
  • Network: Twitter, AIGA events, Studio Events
  • Tell family and friends that you’re looking for a job!
  • Be involved in AIGA
  • Have a job-any job (companies are more likely to hire someone who already has a job)


  • Listen–ask questions to connect on another level
  • First Impressions–you can look “artistic” without looking like a slob, know who you’re interviewing with (check them out on facebook etc beforehand)
  • Research–who are their clients? what’s the atmosphere like? Did they just launch a huge project?
  • Dress-classy but show personality, know where you’re interviewing/what the atmosphere is like and dress accordingly, you’re a creative so show it!
  • send a thank you!


  • Be YOU and have a consistent brand
  • Set goals and blog about them
  • BE SOCIAL–blog, tweet, attend events
  • Ask previous clients to refer you
  • try to get featured–the dieline.com, lovelypackage.com, ask friends to blog about your work


  • Charge by the hour
  • ALWAYS have a contract
  • Be professional
  • Understand what the project requirements are–size, budget, where they are getting it printed/what restrictions that has on you, what will be required of you? do they already have pictures or a logo?
  • Don’t underestimate the time it will take you
  • Keep track of your hours
  • You can have “working hours” when the client knows you are available so you don’t end up getting emails at 11:00pm expecting something done by 8:00am the next morning
  • Use paymo.com
  • Logo Design=at least 20 hours of work (research, ideation, revisions etc)
  • $15/hr for freshman, sophomores, or unexperienced freelancers
  • $25/hr for juniors
  • $40/hr for seniors
  • $50/hr for very experienced or full-time freelancers

Kayd has graciously invited us to email her for her prepared documents/contracts for freelance work

Lastly, she reminds us not to work for free!

kaydroy@gmail.com          @kaydroy         http://kayddesign.com/

Thanks for coming Kayd! You had excellent advice and we enjoyed having you!


Meeting Recap | Insight on Being a Big Kid

If you were at the meeting on March 22nd we had Kayd Mustonen and Katie Lupton come in and give a bit of valuable information on preparing for the real world. Through putting together a strong portfolio, taking a deep breath when going through an interview and starting to organize your own freelancing business, this speech hit all the points. I am for sure going to be buckling down and working on my portfolio in preparation for Portfolio 1-on-1, which all our members should be doing as well. You heard the importance of pushing yourself hard and getting your personality to stand out. Also giving your passion for your work some credibility. Life as a designer is not exactly easy, if at all. Its fun, and that is what matters. Here you can download their presentation from the meeting and re-read all their insight and inspiration to get you moving in the right direction. I’ll be using it frequently.
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Design Opportunity

For those of you who just went to “Cookies are for Baking – Not Branding!”, you know the power of branding.

A Marketing Management class has a semester long project aimed to create a Brand Strategy for a DJ company out of the Twin Cities. They are at the stage of creating the brand identity, that they need to hire a Graphic Designer to complete a brand logo, as well as a corresponding business card and letterhead. There is 5 groups, therefore a need for 5 Graphic Designers. I mentioned to the professor how I have a whole lovely group of Graphic Design Majors that would love an opportunity to strengthen their portfolio.  At the end of the semester, the 5 groups will present the Brand system they each came up with to the company, and the company will choose one of the designs to take on for their Brand Identity. This is the real deal, not just a class project.

I also need to find one multimedia major who is very comfortable at designing websites, because in the end, the dj company would like a website to be created, so the company can post a video and other information on it.

I will pass on 5 Designers and 1 Multimedia Major to the class.

From what I can tell, this is not a paid position, but it’s great experience, and if your design is chosen it’s a great opportunity to add to your portfolio and experience. You’ll need to work well collaborating with others (This isn’t your ideation , it’s the groups, and you are going to design their ideas) and probably should be a Junior – Senior status, and have a good knowledge of brand systems.

Contact Me (Sam Mancl) if you are interested. The first to reply will have the first opportunity.

Email me your Phone #’s and email addresses which will be passed on to each of the 5 groups.


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Speaker | David Brier

Although this is not an AIGA affiliated event, I thought I’d pass on this great opportunity.

Who: David Brier

When: 6-7:30pm | Tuesday, October 19th

Where: MSC Ballroom C

David Brier is an award‐winning designer, brand identity expert, author and Fast Company blogger. Check out his work! You might recognize his identity for Legacy Chocolates, 24/7 Telecom, and Big dot of Happiness which are all here in Menomonie!

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Shirt Contest for Psi Chi

for: Psi Chi, the honor Psychology group
due: Monday, March 29th at Midnight
prize: $50

Psi Chi is the honor Psychology group here at Stout.
They want fun shirts their members can wear.  They don’t currently use a logo but you can design a logo for them and put that on the shirt.

Inspiration includes: Wundt is my Homeboy, Brian Images
colors: 1 color, doesn’t matter what color
text: Psi Chi

email: AIGA@uwstout.edu
Subject= PsiChi Logo your name
include your Name, Email, Phone, School year, EPS file

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Logo Contest for SAE

what: Logo Contest
for: Stout’s Society of Automotive Engineers
due: Monday, April 5th at Midnight to AIGA@uwstout.edu
prize: $75

SAE is looking for a logo to represent them at races they compete in. They want a devil head that looks fierce, competitive and mischievous (much like a sport’s logo).

colors: 1-2 colors, Stout colors: blue, silver, black, white
text: Stout BAJA

email: AIGA@uwstout.edu Subject= SAE Logo your name
include your Name, Email, Phone, School year, EPS file

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Freelance : Job Board

Check out the volunteer/job board posted on the Main Street web page.

This will allow students to volunteer, or be paid to work on local projects for area businesses and organizations.


Type of work: Graphic Design
Description: Logo for Bookends on Main
Contact: Susan at info@thebookends.com

Type of work: Graphic Design
Description: Layout of events page for the Greater Menomonie Area Chamber of Commerce
Contact: Joan at tourism@menomoniechamber.org

Type of work: Graphic Design
Description: Downtown Parking Map for Main Street of Menomonie
Contact: Laura at info@mainstreetmenomonie.org

Type of work: Photography
Description: Photos of downtown landmarks, points of visual interest and events
Contact: Laura at info@mainstreetmenomonie.org

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Freelance : Illustrator Wanted

Passed on from the Art Department:

Jill Koekelin, the Owner and Graphic Designer of Etikette Custom Invitations & Annoucements in Middleton, WI is looking for an illustrator to work with on a case-by-case basis.

Students applying should be skilled in the field of illustration so clients could have the option to have their stationery custom illustrated wither through vector illustration, hand-drawn sketchs and even painted.

If interested please contact Jill Koskelin – jill@etikettedesign.com

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