Namdev Hardisty 16 Lessons Learned, the Hard Way

Part 1:
CHAPTER 1: The Big picture or yo, save yourself some frustration
Choose yourself and what you like

CHAPTER 2. Set Goals That You Can Control
Don’t set unreachable goals and don’t let one goal override everything else. Keep your options open.

CHAPTER 3. Have Legit Mentors
Have a mentor that does what you want to do in the future.
Want to start a studio? Be around, internship, follow, and find people that are doing it already.
If you’re not going to ask someone how to do it, read a book about it

CHAPTER 4. It is About Who You Know, Thank God.
A lot of people got him to where he is today and hopefully one day people we know will help us.

CHAPTER 5. Work for Free
Get the chance to design stuff and watch the people that are doing what you want to do.
If it’s free you can pick and choose.
DOING THIS you will get referrals, testimonials, connections, case studies, a great portfolio.

CHAPTER 6. Don’t Be a Hater/Purist
Your core talent is your craft (major).
Your career is your core talent and many other talents.

CHAPTER 7. Give More Than You Get
Bring your clients everything you have to offer.

Part 2:
Chapter 8. Never Start a 2-person Studio …unless you can partner with a business major and is      promising not to design any more and is willing to go find work for designers to design all day
There’s a difference between owning a business and running a business

Chapter 9. Profit is Moral Imperative
Make enough money to sustain what you do.

Chapter 10: Graphic Design is not Problem Solving
Graphic design is not Problem Solving, Creative Problem Solving, or Visual Problem Solving
His definition: “Graphic design is the process of preparing content for a publishing channel”

Chapter 11: Get Good at More Than One Useful Thing
Graphic design is one skill set.
Don’t Have a List of Bad Old Clients

Chapter 12: Have More Than One Connect at Every Client
Basically so no one can fire you.

Chapter 13: Always Get a Draw-Down (printing what the ink and paper will look like)
Get a mock up and sample so you don’t loose portfolio pieces

Chapter 14: 2 Hits of White Will Not Print on Black
Test everything so you don’t get fired.

Chapter 15: Don’t Fire Yourself
Never type in their projects, copy and paste.

Chapter 16: Mistakes are an Opportunity
Quote your clients in presentations and make a good impression.

Why is presenting sketches to clients in a way better than presenting them almost final products?
There’s ownership about it and what they end up getting ends up being so much better.

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