Recap – ITR Mobility

On Tuesday we got to hear advice from Gary Keeler and Nate Eul, both recent graduates from Stout! Both are designers at ITR Mobility, a company who designs and implements apps. ITR consists of about 50 people, 5 being designers who have all graduated from Stout!

Advice on what to expect for the transition from college to professional:

  • The pace: faster, time-bound, multiple deadlines
  • The quality: projects go from thought to polished, a client doesn’t want to see half done ideas
  • The presentation: distinct style, confident, MAKE AN IMPRESSION.

Advice on interviewing:

  • Be prepared: know what you are talking about, be on time
  • Attention to detail: don’t put projects in just as filler, be confident in the ones you show
  • Be hungry: PASSION, its where its at.
  • Quiet Confidence: not cocky, but confident.

Dont worry too much about: grades, cover letters, starting pay, finding the perfect job

* You have to weigh the importance of the experience versus the monetary value.

speaking of pay, here are some example pay grades:

  • intern: $14/hr
  • junior: $35,000 salary
  • and $60,000 salary


Thank You Gary and Nate for sharing your insight!

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Recap | New Faculty Intro Night: Vadim Gershman

On Tuesday night, our group was fortunate to see new professor of Graphic Design Vadim Gershman speak about his experiences in the design world and share some of his excellent work. He joins us at Stout after receiving his MFA from MCAD.

Though he started out working at a book design firm, he soon left the job for the freelance world, and installed his own screen printing studio in his apartment.

Professor Gershman rejects working in a singular personal style, instead approaching each project with a unique perspective. If there’s a through line in his work, he says, it’s the idea of conundrums and anxiety, expressed especially in the relationship between the physical and virtual worlds. This focus on the physical vs. virtual is demonstrated in many of his projects, like “Room Therapy,” his work in the publication ‘Glitch,’ and on his ‘Alternative Cloud Research’ online archive. (Be sure to check out these projects and others in his portfolio).

Gershman left us with this advice: when you have too much on your plate, you’re stuck in a creative rut, or your projects are causing you stress, keep pushing through. “If you’re not making work, you’re not going to find away out of your anxiety,” he says. The only way out is through. Rediscovering creative passion in the face of stress and distractions is “a quest, it’s almost spiritual,” and he encourages us to never stop working for it.

It was an especially exciting and inspiring night, and we thank Professor Gershman for his time!

A quick reminder: No meeting next week! The Tuesday after break will be our third and final event in the speakers series. See you then!

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Alumni Speakers Recap

Thank you to both Emily Brownson and Krista Farrell!

Emily Brownson:

  • Portfolio: does not need to be huge, can  be a work in progress, but you do need one.
  • Job Hunt: care about the companies, details count, get to know your interviewer, write thank you’s.
  • Working at Olson Ad Agency: 500 people, there is a person for everything, there are kegs on the roof.
  • Working at Sussner: 5 people and 1 dog, get to know a lot about production, boss knows you have a life.

Krista Farrell:

  • Apply to everywhere, if you even hear back at all, you are doing something right.
  • Get your work published: Dieline, Lovely Package, Behance Served.
  • Portfolio: Go to portfolio 1 on 1.
  • Working at Capsule in MN: 11 people and an intern.
  • Working at Swink in Madison WI: 4 people, do coding a lot, use billable hours, your clients are your friends.
  • AVOID working for free: freelance, work on own pieces.
  • Inspiration: siteinspire.com/columnfivemedia.com

We will post the long list of inspiration sites soon…

Thank you to both Emily and Krista for some great advice.


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