Speakers : BWBR

Stout alumni Don Thomas and Rachel Slette from BWBR are coming on WEDNESDAY February 29th @ 5:45. They will be talking about the story of their branding experience. Come enjoy and learn! http://www.bwbr.com/

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Short Film 2 – Links to the Videos

Here are the links to all of the videos we watched last meeting (2/21) in case you missed it, or wanted to watch them again!

The Seed – http://vimeo.com/3715286

Diego Stocco, Music From a Dry Cleaner – http://vimeo.com/29273575

American Jewish World Service – http://www.youtube.com/user/ajwstv?v=lGJdUNt6s8w

We Cut Corners “Pirate’s Life” – http://vimeo.com/30719106

Go South Africa! – http://vimeo.com/12467098

OK Go, Needing/ Getting – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MejbOFk7H6c

Tachaaan! – http://vimeo.com/8723796

Seventeen Evergreen, Polarity Song – http://vimeo.com/31424892

Gulp, The World’s largest stop-motion animation on a Nokia N8 – http://vimeo.com/26877221

Destroyer, Kaputt – http://vimeo.com/18442047

London, Live the Language – http://albinholmqvist.com/EF-Live-The-Language

Oil & Water Do Not Mix – http://vimeo.com/18708111

Fotoshop by Adobe – http://vimeo.com/34813864

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Short Film 2

Email any short films, music videos, or anything around those line to: AIGA@uwstout.edu and we’ll show it at the meeting! Feel free to send us as many as you like, but keep them under 10 minutes each. Be there Tuesday February 21st, 5:45 Jarvis 110 for some pizza and a good time!

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Study Abroad


Come join us on Tuesday February 14th @ 5:45 to talk about studying abroad. Kelli Fox will be the main speaker talking about her experience. Others will also talk about their travels. There will also be pizza!!!!

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