Speaker: Matthew Rezac

Mattew Rezac is coming to speak on Tuesday November 1st @ 5:45!  www.matthewrezac.org

Formally established in 2006 by Matthew Rezac, this small Minneapolis-based design studio focuses on print and publication design for a variety of clients — from artists and art institutions to small businesses. Working both independently and collaboratively — with other designers, filmmakers, photographers, and web developers — the studio is capable of taking on projects of all types and sizes. By maintaining an economical DIY-inspired approach, the studio is able to reach underserved sectors while remaining competitive in the commercial and cultural fields. The mission is simple: to develop innovative and functional design solutions that are rooted equally in concept and content.

Before venturing out on his own, Matthew Rezac served as a Graphic Design Fellow at the Walker Art Center from 2004–2006. He studied graphic design and photography at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design — where he also worked for one year, as part of a small team charged with re-branding the school. His studio (and pre-studio) work has been featured in HOWIdea, and Print magazines. In 2006 he was featured in STEP magazine’s “Field Guide to Emerging Design Talent.” Born and raised in the cultural void of South Dakota, his teenage years were spent creating something from nothing — crafting numerous rock bands, booking small punk shows, producing ’zines, photographing bands, and crudely designing fliers. This DIY, “make your own fun” methodology continues to shape and inform his design practice.


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Self Portrait Night

Come join us for Self Portrait Night! It is on Tuesday OCTOBER 18TH!! All you need to do is show up and have fun getting creative! Jarvis 110 @5:45.





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Faculty Member Speakers

Tonight at the meeting we heard from 4 new faculty members. It was very interesting to hear how these professors got here, to Stout, and what has brought them inspiration along the way.

Shannon Brady is teaching Graphic Design II this semester. He does amazing illustrations that have been widely recognized. He has done a lot of traveling and finds inspiration in the places he goes. He incorporates his life experiences into his illustrations and his work.

The advice he wishes to pass on is:

Find what it is that inspires you and incorporate it into your work because it’s in the enthusiasm that you encounter that keeps you excited about your work and inspires you.


Dave Beck is teaching Introduction To 2D Digital Imaging, Digital Characters, and Advanced Computer Animation this semester. He studied sculpture in school and became interested in using the computer to compliment his work. He touched on a few of his very interesting projects that incorporated both sculptural pieces and computer software such as Photoshop and 3D modeling programs.



Robert Fraher is teaching Multimedia Web Design and Interface Design this semester. He walked us through his very eventful life full of various odd jobs (including being a professional juggler). He showed us his inspiring interactive work as well as shared his hopes of turning Stout into a well-recognized school with notable interactive curriculum. He advised students to not miss the opportunity presented to them when designing their resume and cover letter. Companies want to see how we can stick out. They’re hiring us as designers not accountants so our resume should reflect the position we’re applying for.

He also advises:

don’t be concerned about what is possible because if you want it badly enough you will find a way to make it happen


when you have an opportunity to work on something, make it better as designers/students/etc the demands on our time are significant but always put your best foot forward because that object might be traced back to you later which can be good or bad. Also each project (no matter what it is) offers a chance for practice and as we all know…practice makes perfect.


John Corrigan is teaching Graphic Design I and II and Publication Design. He talked about his fine art background and how it influences his design today. He talked about his interest in typography and showed us a few amazing fonts that he designed (mostly for projects) and still uses today.

It’s always great to get to know your professors more and we were very lucky to have these 4 new faculty members share their time with us. A huge thank you to them!

-Krista Farrell

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