11/18 Alumni Recap

Beth Sicheneder
Junior Designer at Capsule
Did worked for Cheerios and Orangeseed

  • Find your fit
  • do portfolio 1-on-1
  • be patient with internships and ask questions
  • practice interviews and talking about your portfolio
  • twitter tells you a lot about design companies

RT Vierze
Designer at Ambient Inks
Did work for Bon Iver, Movember, Volcano Choir

  • Design stuff you like
  • talk to people
  • take opportunities
  • know both print and web
  • it’s the company that needs you, not you that needs the company

Ashley Hohnstein
Designer at Angel Bomb
Did work for Fame

  • Do more side projects
  • be involved
  • change your identity when you feel the need to rebrand yourself (keep it personal and consistent)
  • 10 pieces in your portfolio and always send a thank you card
  • hang out with people
  • do work that makes you happy
  • ask for help with freelance
  • social media is your friend so make connections and share your work

All three alumni offered to give feedback and are open to helping or just chatting so feel free to send them a message if you have any questions!

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